The Book

Yes, I am writing a book; no, it isn’t a novel.

The idea came during winter 2010 in Glasgow, its coldest in 60 years. The economy was crumbling like the facades of its riverfront warehouses and the people were as frozen as the pavements. After leaving Scotland I went to the States where I witnessed people frustrated and discouraged; trapped by the economy, and manipulated by politicians. Everyone was afraid of the future and terrified of running out of money.

It hit me: I had to write a book about the possibility of a different kind of life. So many people go are on autopilot, afraid to deviate from what they think is expected of them, afraid to experiment or question. The Book is for everyone who feels trapped and tired. The Book says: “You have a choice. You don’t have to be scared.”

The Book tells the stories of people who refuse to go gently into the fiction of “normal” life. They have confronted all the usual excuses for saying “no” (children, illness, age, lack of opportunity) and with cheerful, bloody-minded determination said “yes” to their dreams. These quiet heroes know the secret of success is not money, power, or privilege, but passion, desire, and a willingness to take risks. They are, to borrow from Henry David Thoreau, living deliberately.

The cast includes:

Matt Schlein – Founder of The Walden Project

Nancy Sathre-Vogel – Adventurer, educator, author, and Family on Bikes matriarch

Raina Casarez – Founder of MindBody Fitness

Dr Ruth Heidrich – Athlete, author and nutritionist

Kerry Eielson & John Fanning – Owners and creators of La Muse writers’ & artists retreat

Geordie Stewart – Seven Summits mountaineer

Earl & Hilda Jones – Owners of the award-winning Abacela winery

Navina Khanna – Food justice campaigner, educator, yoga teacher

Kathy Blume
– Actress, writer, artist and anti-war activist

JJ Tiziou
– Photographer, activist and performer

12 thoughts on “The Book

  1. Wow, I’m so happy to be included. Can’t wait to click on the link of all the other of my peers listed above. I must say Cila, you must add your name to this list. You are certainly a leading-edge creator and fearless pioneer. It takes one to know one! Hugs!

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  9. Cila, how exciting. I’ve stood in front of the Thoreau sign myself. Are you interviewing these people and referencing them or telling their tale from your viewpoint?

    I applaud you for finding and reaching for your own star. I hope the book is an amazing success on many levels. I’ll be checking in with your blog and watching it unfurl.

    • Thank you for the good words!

      Interviews + a little bit of my point of view. Trying, always, to remember George Orwell’s advice that “good prose should be a window pane”.

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