Free Money Day 2012

Wednesday, 12 Sept, I had the privilege of seeing Patti Smith and her band blow out the lights at the Brighton Dome with their performance of Free Money.
Thursday, 13 Sept, I sat through a marketing conference where men talked excitedly about “cashless payments” – the technologically-enabled manifestation of the truth that money is nothing but a figment of our imagination.
Friday, 14 Sept, I found out about Free Money Day “a global invitation for people to explore, in a liberating and fun way, what it might be like if our relationship to money was a little different”.
Saturday, 15 Sept, I will join people from all over the world in giving a little of “my” money to a stranger, two bits at a time, and asking that the recipient to pass one note or coin on to someone else.

Free Money Day
bills the event as “An opportunity to start fresh conversations about money [and] sharing.”
I say it’s a gesture of liberation. Money is a construct, a spook that haunts our collective consciousness. As long as we prioritise money above health, happiness, relationships, or creativity it owns us. Give money away and it loses its power, but gains in worth.

Participate in Free Money Day

1 thought on “Free Money Day 2012

  1. Cila, thank you so much for sharing the info on Free Money Day, and for choosing to be a participant. Money as a ‘spook’ – I like it!

    This event is about doing absolutely the most counter-intuitive thing we can do with money in our society. The very act of giving away one’s own money serves as a ‘signal interruption’ to a culture where we’ve turned everything we value into commodities to be transacted, and have allowed money to define people’s health, wellbeing and happiness (or lack of it).

    Breaking the spell of money, even temporarily, invites us to think about how we define ‘wealth’ and ‘value’. In no way should this mean dismissing money, because right now, most of us do need money to meet our needs. But what if money worked differently? What if we had economies in which your status derived from how much you have to share, not how much you accumulate?

    Here are some of the creative ways people will be celebrating Free Money Day today:

    With good wishes from Australia

    on behalf of the Post Growth team

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