Good tunes + good words from Shelley who will be joining the Creative Writing Ibiza retreat in Sept!


Rudimental ft John Newman, ‘Feel The Love.’  The 4 piece East London collective release their latest track on May 28th, 2012. ‘Feel The Love’ is a spectacular smorgasbord of genres (soul, dubstep and grime), which come together to produce a rather reposed and replenishing sound. I like it alot, not least due to the addition of horses as a preferred means of transport across the metropolis.



Gossip, ‘Perfect World.’ This is the lead single from Beth Ditto and pals’ fifth studio album, ‘A Joyful Noise’ and is available to download now. The album is released on May 22nd, 2012. I think that this track has more of an indie-pop vibe than some of their previously released, harder indie-rock offerings. As I air on the side of pop, this pleases me greatly. I also like the ‘Like a Prayer’-stylised music video; I am a big fan of the…

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