Dan Sartain – The World Is Gonna Break Your Little Heart

Dan Sartain is a rock’n’roll bottlerocket with grit beneath his fingernails and a fantastic lyrical gift. This is from ‘The World Is Gonna Break Your Little Heart’

They never say the game is rigged
Just that the world’s so small, and you’re so big
You go and get a job, and you break your back
And you wish that they had told you that

But they’re never gonna tell you from the start
Yes, the world is gonna break your little heart

And no-one wants to teach these classes
So they fit you up for rose coloured glasses
The ones you love don’t have to love you back
And you can try so hard
But the chance is fat

Ah, yes. Go to school, get good marks, do a sensible degree, get a proper job, get on the property ladder, obey the law, respect your elders, follow the rules. Funny thing is, I don’t know anyone who’s done that and is happy. Coincidence?


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