A Quote A Day for 2011

I am forever scribbling down quotes. Too often, they get buried in notebooks or lost when I clean out my handbag. So I’m going to preserve one a day either here, or at Irresponsibility.

This period which then seemed so futile and eventless is now of great importance to me… it was beastly while it was happening but it is a good patch for my mind to browse upon. –George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia

It’s taken me years to read Homage to Catalonia after a false start when I decided it was boring. I was wrong, of course. Orwell couldn’t be dull if he tried. This particular quote leapt out at me. My 2010 fit that description. Futile, eventless, beastly. I hope time turns turns the rubbish into fertile soil.


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