It’s Britney, Bitch

Posted by Cila Warncke

Answered prayers?

Answered prayers?

Though rarely alluded to, I suppose most of the four people who read this blog know I’m holed up in Mexico with the intention of turning out a book on the many facets of pop culture bellwether and post-modern princess in the tower, Britney Spears.

To my surprise/delight/terror I seem to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of accomplishing my self-appointed task. I have written 14-and-a-half essays-come-chapters titled things like: “paparazzi subject”, “mother” and “American Dream”. Half-biography, half-theory, it unpicks Britney’s many lives with a view to understanding what we think about her says about us.

Now the “send to agent” line is actually in sight the usual surge of paranoia and pessimism is troubling the sandbags. I don’t want to let it go for a number of reasons. Principally, and selfishly, because I like being able to say: I’m writing a book. Practically, because once I do the odds are fixed: 50% it gets a deal, 50% it doesn’t. No kidding.

I am trying to keep myself sane at least long enough to zip the file and fire it across the pond. Clinging bravely to the wall behind my laptop is a Post-It with one of my favourite quotes (borrowed by Truman Capote for the title of his unfinished novel):

More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones. – St Teresa de Avila

A useful reminder, whether the prayers are answered or not.


One thought on “It’s Britney, Bitch

  1. i dont agree with a lot of what you say but i honestly hope to be reading a book that has your name as the credit soon

    i’ll probably be bitching about it (the book) but i always say that having an emotion is better than indifference 🙂

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