Merida – The Good Stuff

Posted by Cila Warncke

There are an awful lot of things I could write here. I am more entranced by Merida every day. Moving somewhere I’d never even heard of a month ago could have gone wrong in so many ways, but I fell right on my flip flopped feet, it seems.

A little slice of Merida

A little slice of Merida

I want to say this as a counterpoint to my entirely justified rant over at Irresponsibility about the male gaze. That’s as it is. And it sucks. The good people of Merida shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush though, and they are the majority. It is the duenos and duenas of the little tiendas who are the city’s best ambassadors. I’ve popped into several shops today and in each was greeted with genuine warmth and – when I spoke Spanish – friendly curiousity. The shopkeepers, without fail, smiled, chatted and sent me on my way with warmest wishes. I feel sure if I returned I would be hailed as a friend, which is a nice feeling in a new town.

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