Mika & Anna-Bell Elope… Almost

Posted by Cila Warncke

Anna-Bell, Anna-Lena & Mika

Anna-Bell, Anna-Lena & Mika

I am utterly enchanted by the news story about sweethearts Mika and Anna-Bell (six and five years old, respectively) who decided to elope to Africa, armed with cuddly toys, a pink lilo and big sis Anna-Lena as a witness.

“We wanted to get married and so we just thought: ‘Let’s go there,'” said Anna-Bell.

Her beloved added: “We wanted to get on a plane and when we arrived we wanted to unpack the summer things and then we wanted to go for a bit of a stroll in the sun.”

Could anything be more sweet and solemn? Mika and Anna-Bell sought nothing more than warmth, sunshine and each other’s good company. It seems a much sounder basis for a relationship than the usual grown-up motives for getting hitched (security, possession, paternity).

I hope for their sakes Mika, Anna-Bell and Anna-Lena don’t give up their dreams in the face of dreary adult recompense (they were given a tour of the Hanover Police Headquarters as a consolation prize for the interrupted trip). If they can hang on to their spontaneity, affection, spirit of adventure and indifference to ‘can’ts’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ they are sure to live joyously.


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